We’d love to add you to our list of contributing writers for Briefs. We can’t wait for you to challenge us, to make us pause, to excite us, and ignite our creative processes. If you have any great ideas you’d love to share with us, pitch us here. If you’re interested but not sure where to get started, here are a few things we are looking for (that we will assign to you):

  • Writers who will interview our previous contributors (we are especially looking for writers to interview poets.)

  • Writers willing to interview other literary journals

  • Writers who will write posts on what they are currently reading

  • Writers who want to write posts on elements of craft
Don’t be shy! If you would like to do an interview for us, please indicate so in your cover letter, and also attach a prose writing sample below so we can see your stuff. Please note, if you submit anything here, it cannot be read for publication in the regular section of the journal (as this goes against our nonblind reading policy).

If you'd like to write about what you are currently reading, just upload below and we'll let you know shortly if it will be published.

If you have incredible ideas for writing-related blog posts, then write them and upload below. We will let you know shortly if they will be published.

Please remember when submitting to this section that like our mission for the Spry, these posts should be a blog-appropriate length. Thanks for your interest, and we can't wait to read your proposals. In the near future, we will add some links here to work we've already published so that you can see what we are looking for.